เซฟทีคัท 2P 32 A 
เซฟทีคัท 2P 50 A  
เซฟทีคัท 2P 63 A  
เซฟทีคัท 2P 100 A
เซฟทีคัท 3P 63A
เซฟทีคัท 3P 100A


This function is certified by Thai Industrial Standards IEC-60898, IEC-61009. Safe-T-Cut Smart has 6 extra properties more than the previous model as follows ;

1. System Auto test : with the precision and simultaneously response from our high technology micro-controller. Safe-T-Cut Smart has a function which will simulate the test leak current in every 4 hours to check the status of the breaker. If the system not detect the leak ( which mean that the circuit will not cut off if there is a real electric leakage ) the “Beep sound “ will alarm and the red light will be display to notice the user of the malfunction.

2. Emergency Light : built in high brightness Emergency Light which will automatic on whenever the breaker is Cut the power off.

3. Over & Under voltage Protection Circuit : in the condition which the incoming supply of electricity from the main source has fluctuation or surge which can cause the damage to the electric appliance. Safe-T-Cut Smart has the function to disconnect the main power if the voltage is 25 % higher than normal.
4. Terminal Temperature sensor : which will cut off immediately if the terminal temperature is too high to avoid the chance of fire. The reason for this high temperature may come from loose of connection screw, too small wire diameter or over loaded.  
5. Mis-connection of line and Neutral circuit : if case of mis-connection of Line and Neutral at main input, this can cause of leakage through ground and may cause electric shock. Safe-T-Cut has designed the circuit which can detect this mis-connection and cut the power off together with the alarm signal.
6. Cause of Disconnect list : to indicate the reason of circuit disconnect, so the use can analyze the problem precisely.
        Current leakage - Disconnect the circuit immediately - when current is leak and flow through the structural of the appliance or wall or installation point, this will harm to human, animal or even waste of electricity. When the leakage current is greater than the set value, the circuit will be cut off immediately within 0.04 sec
        Disconnect when Electric Shock - when the current flow into ground by passing through human or animal body. The Safe-T-Cut is able to disconnect the circuit within 0.04 sec
        Disconnect when short circuit - which are the cause of spark or explosure which will lead to a conflagration and a great loss of of and properties
        Disconnect when Over Load - when the current is greater than what a circuit is designed to carry. This cause wire to become hot and may melt an insulation which lead to conflagration. This function is certified by Thai Industrial Standards IEC-60898, IEC-61009


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